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-- Title or text edits on someone else's post
-- that had been idle for 6 or more months prior

declare @userid as int = ##UserID:int##;

with CandidateEdits as (

    -- Edits the user has made to titles/body of some other user's posts.

    select min(ph.Id) as EditId,
           ph.PostId EditPost,
           IsNull(p.ParentId, p.Id) as EditQuestion,
           ph.RevisionGUID as EditGUID,
           ph.CreationDate as EditDate
    from PostHistory as ph
        inner join Posts as p on ph.PostId = p.Id and OwnerUserId != UserId
    where UserId = @userid
      and PostHistoryTypeId in (4,5) --Title/Body edits.
      and PostTypeId in (1, 2) -- question/answer
    group by ph.PostId, p.Id, p.ParentId, ph.RevisionGUID, ph.CreationDate

), RelatedPosts as (

    -- Posts that cannot be modified in the 6-month window

    select EditId,
           EditQuestion as RelatedPost
    from CandidateEdits
    select EditId,
           Id as RelatedPost
    from CandidateEdits
    inner join Posts on EditQuestion = ParentId
         and PostTypeId = 2

), Inactives as (

    -- Edits that have no activity related posts in the 6 month window.
    -- Use Left join, and have a count of 0

    select EditId,
           count(distinct RevisionGUID) as Invalidations
    from RelatedPosts Left Outer Join PostHistory on
             RelatedPost = PostId
         and CreationDate between DateAdd(mm, -6, EditDate) and EditDate
         and Id < EditId
         and RevisionGUID <> EditGUID
         and PostHistoryTypeId in (1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11) --Title/body add/edits/rollback, and deletes
    group by EditId
    having count(distinct RevisionGUID) = 0
), FirstEdit as (

    -- Only one of multiple edits on the same post count toward the badge.
    select ce.EditPost,
           min(i.EditId) as EditId
    from CandidateEdits as ce
      inner join Inactives as i on ce.EditId = i.EditId
    group by ce.EditPost

), Revisions as (

    -- Identify which revision in the system relates to the edit you made.
    -- convert to NVarchar to make concatenation simpler in result.

    select EditID,
           Convert(NVarchar(10), EditPost) as RevPost,
           Convert(NVarchar(10), count(distinct RevisionGUID)) as Revision
    from CandidateEdits inner join PostHistory
      on  PostId = EditPost
      and Id <= EditId
      and PostHistoryTypeId < 10
    group by EditId, EditPost

select Rank() over (order by EditDate) as Dig,
       ce.EditPost as [Post Link],
       'site://revisions/' + RevPost + '/' + Revision
             + '|Revision ' + Revision as Revision
from  CandidateEdits as ce
inner join FirstEdit as i on ce.EditId = i.EditId
inner join Revisions as r on ce.EditId = r.EditId
order by EditDate

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