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Selfie accepted answers with zero or negative score, when there are other answers with positive score. Such answers seem suspicious, and might even need moderator attention. **Warning:** these are *potential* bad Narutos. Legitimate false positives may exist.

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DECLARE @username AS NVARCHAR(60) = ##DisplayName:string? ##;
DECLARE @userId AS INT = ##UserId:int?-1##;

WITH AcceptedAnswers AS (
  SELECT Id, ParentId, Score, OwnerUserId, CreationDate
  FROM Posts
  WHERE PostTypeId = 2
    AND (@userId < 0 OR OwnerUserId = @userId)
    AND (@username = '' OR OwnerUserId IN (
        SELECT Id
        FROM Users
        WHERE DisplayName = @username))

SelfAcceptedQuestions AS (
  SELECT q.Id, q.OwnerUserId, q.CreationDate
  FROM Posts q
    JOIN AcceptedAnswers a ON q.Id = a.ParentId
  WHERE q.AcceptedAnswerId IS NOT NULL
    AND q.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id
    AND q.OwnerUserId = a.OwnerUserId
    AND a.Score <= 0

SELECT TOP ##Limit:int?100##
  q.OwnerUserId [User Link],
  q.Id [Post Link],
  q.CreationDate [Post Date]
FROM SelfAcceptedQuestions q
    SELECT Id FROM Posts a 
    WHERE q.Id = a.ParentId
      AND a.Score > 0
ORDER by q.CreationDate DESC

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