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  rt.PostId as [Post Link],
    + case rt.ReviewTaskTypeId
        when 1 then 'suggested-edits'
        when 2 then 'close'
        when 3 then 'low-quality-posts'
        when 4 then 'first-posts'
        when 5 then 'late-answers'
        when 6 then 'reopen'
        when 10 then 'triage'
        when 11 then 'helper'
        else '_'
    + '/' + cast(rt.Id as nvarchar)
    + '|' + rtt.Name as [Review Link],
  rts.Name as [State],
  rtrt.Name as [Result],
  rt.CreationDate as [Created],
  rt.DeletionDate as [Deleted]
  ReviewTasks as rt
inner join
  ReviewTaskTypes as rtt on rt.ReviewTaskTypeId = rtt.Id
inner join
  ReviewTaskStates as rts on rt.ReviewTaskStateId = rts.Id
left join
  ReviewTaskResults as rtr on rt.CompletedByReviewTaskId = rtr.Id
left join
  ReviewTaskResultTypes as rtrt on rtr.ReviewTaskResultTypeId = rtrt.Id
--  rt.PostId = ##PostId##
order by
  rt.CreationDate desc
--  rt.PostId desc

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