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A query não é perfeita mas dá uma noção dos usuário que mais receberam votos e menos votaram em proporção.

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-- Top 50 most stingy power users
-- Computes the ratio of total reputation to up vote rep, to reveal the users who have gained more reputation than they have distributed to the community.
-- Users must have more than 1000 rep. Does not consider down votes, ignores the fact that questions only receive 5 rep points, ignores accepted answer rep and bounties, and ignores users who have not up-voted at all.

select top 1000
  Id as [User Link],
  UpVotes as "Up votes",
  cast(Reputation as numeric) / (10.0 * UpVotes) as Ratio,
  cast(Reputation as numeric) - (10.0 * UpVotes) as Difference
  UpVotes > 0
  Reputation > 4000
order by
  ratio desc

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