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Comments which perhaps suggest corrections are needed, and the comment is followed by an edit from the post owner (probably making the comment obsolete)

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Select p.Id as [Post Link],
       c.userId as [User Link],
       Convert (Date, p.CreationDate) as Date,
       c.Id as [Comment Link]
from Posts p, Comments c, PostHistory ph
where c.PostId = p.Id
  and ph.postId = p.Id
  and ph.UserId = p.OwnerUserId
  and ph.postHistoryTypeId = 5 -- edit
  and c.CreationDate < ph.CreationDate
  and p.ClosedDate is null
  and p.CreationDate >= DateAdd(month, - ##History:int?6## , CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
  and (  Lower(c.Text) like '%typo%'
      or Lower(c.Text) like '%missing%'
      or Lower(c.Text) like '%work%')

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