Seek and Destroy: Questions that look suspiciously chatty


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A query to help look for potentially useless questions--closed, many answers, and either have a necropost answer or were closed rapidly. Most of this list probably warrants locking and/or deletion.

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select as [Post Link], p.score as [Score], 
  p.viewcount as [Views], p.answercount as [Answers],
  p.creationDate as [Created On], p.lastactivitydate as [Last Active Date]
from posts p
where p.closeddate is not null     -- closed questions
  and p.answercount > 12           -- with a probably unreasonable number of answers
  and p.score > 5                  -- that got at least a few upvotes
  and ( datediff(day, p.lastactivitydate, p.creationdate) > 28 -- had answers weeks later
    or datediff(hour, p.closeddate, p.creationdate) < 36 )     -- or was closed promptly
  and not exists (select * from posthistory ph 
                  where ph.postid = 
                    and ph.posthistorytypeid = 14 ) -- ignore locked posts

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