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--DECLARE @UserId varchar(60) = '##UserId##'

select hc.UserId [User Link], count(*) HammerClosed, 
  count(hr.Id) Reopened,
  Round(count(hr.Id)*100.0/count(*),0) PctError
from PostHistory hc
left join PostHistory hr on hr.PostId=hc.PostId 
          and hr.CreationDate > hc.CreationDate
          and hr.PostHistoryTypeId=11
          and hr.text not like '%"Id":' + CAST(hc.UserId AS VARCHAR) + '%'
where hc.PostHistoryTypeId=10
--and hc.UserId = @UserId
and hc.Comment like '101%'
and hc.Text like '%BindingReason":{"GoldTagBadge%'
and hc.CreationDate > getdate()-365
group by hc.UserId
order by count(*) desc;

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