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-- postid: id of the post "id found when you share an anwer or the link in the url"
     , r.postid as [Post Link]
     , r.creationdate
     , r.deletiondate
     , rt.Name as [Type] 
     , as [State]
     , as [Result]
     , rtr.creationdate
     , as [Reject reason]
     , rtr.comment
from reviewtasks r
left outer join reviewtasktypes rt on = r.ReviewTaskTypeId
left outer join ReviewTaskStates rts on = r.reviewtaskstateid
left outer join ReviewTaskResults rtr on rtr.reviewtaskid =
left outer join ReviewTaskResultTypes rtrt on = rtr.ReviewTaskResultTypeId
left outer join ReviewRejectionReasons re on = rtr.RejectionReasonid
where r.postid = 39365369

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