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-- algorithm top100 users
-- Top 100 by votes users in tag c#
--Select Top 100 
select Top 100 
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY UpVotes DESC) AS [#],userId as [User Link] , UpVotes,siteUrl from 
    u.Id userId,
    (select DisplayName from Users udn with (nolock) where udn.Id = u.Id) UserName
    (select WebsiteUrl from Users udn with (nolock) where udn.Id = u.Id) siteUrl,
    COUNT(*) AS UpVotes 
FROM Tags t with (nolock)
    INNER JOIN PostTags pt with (nolock)ON pt.TagId =
    INNER JOIN Posts p with (nolock) ON p.ParentId = pt.PostId
    INNER JOIN Votes v with (nolock) ON v.PostId = p.Id and v.VoteTypeId = 2
    inner join Users u with (nolock) on u.Id = p.OwnerUserId
    p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL
    and t.TagName = 'algorithm'
    GROUP BY u.Id
) as sss

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