Posts inactive for over 6 months: Useful for Archaeologist badge progress


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-- How close are you to getting the Archaeologist badge?
--  "Edited 100 posts that were inactive for 6 months"

SELECT TOP(5000) p.Id, p.Title, p.Score FROM Posts p
WHERE p.ParentId IS NULL -- Questions only
 AND (
   p.LastEditDate < DATEADD(month, -6, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) AND
   p.LastActivityDate < DATEADD(month, -6, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
     SELECT * FROM Posts c
     WHERE c.ParentId = p.Id
      AND (
        c.LastEditDate > DATEADD(month, -6, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) OR
        c.LastActivityDate > DATEADD(month, -6, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
ORDER BY p.Score asc

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