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select distinct 
       p.id as [Post Link],
       p.CreationDate as Date
from posts p
-- question
inner join posts q on q.id = coalesce(p.parentid, p.id)
-- posttype name
inner join posttypes pt on pt.id = p.posttypeid
-- join for AND tag
inner join posttags pta on pta.postid = q.id
inner join tags ta on ta.id = pta.tagid
-- join for OR tags
inner join posttags pto on pto.postid = q.id
inner join tags tor on tor.id = pto.tagid
where ta.tagname = 'ribbon' -- and
and   tor.tagname in ('spring', 'spring-cloud', 'spring-boot', 'netflix-zuul', 'eureka', 'netflix-eureka', 'netflix', 'cloud', 'hystrix', 'netflix-feign') -- or
and p.posttypeid = 1 --Q
order by p.CreationDate desc

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