History of Down vote percent on low-rep users over time


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Reference: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/368511/are-there-trends-towards-being-more-welcoming

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-- RepCutoff: Enter max reputation for a 'new user'.
DECLARE @RepCutoff INT      = ##RepCutoff:int?15##;

WITH votesByMonth AS (
    SELECT      Dateadd (month, Datediff (month, 0, v.CreationDate), 0)     AS [Month]
                , Sum (CASE v.VoteTypeId  WHEN 2  THEN 1  ELSE 0  END)      AS upVotes
                , Sum (CASE v.VoteTypeId  WHEN 3  THEN 1  ELSE 0  END)      AS dwnVotes
    FROM        Votes v
    INNER JOIN  Posts p     ON p.Id = v.PostId
    INNER JOIN  Users u     ON u.Id = p.OwnerUserId
    WHERE       v.VoteTypeId IN (2, 3)
    AND         u.Reputation <= @RepCutoff
    GROUP BY    Dateadd (month, Datediff (month, 0, v.CreationDate), 0)
SELECT      vbm.[Month]  -- Month first, so graph works
            --, vbm.upVotes                   AS [Up Votes]
            --, vbm.dwnVotes                  AS [Dwn Votes]
            --, vbm.upVotes + vbm.dwnVotes    AS [Ttl Votes]
            --, vbm.[Num Users]
            , 100.0 * vbm.dwnVotes / (vbm.upVotes + vbm.dwnVotes)  AS [Dwn Vote % on low rep users]
FROM        votesByMonth vbm
ORDER BY    vbm.[Month]

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