TOP 20 VBA/EXCEL NERDS for the past 30d [CORRECTED]


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Users who have been most active in any VBA or EXCEL tags in the past month.

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-- the pre-forked version was forked up
select top 20
  rank() over (order by count ( desc) as Rank,
  a.owneruserid as [User Link],
  count ( as [# Answers],
  sum(a.score) as [Total Score],
  sum(len(a.body) - len(replace(a.body, ' ', '')) + 1) as WordCount
from posts a left outer join posts q
on a.parentid =
where a.posttypeid=2 
  and (q.tags like '%vba>%' or q.tags like '%excel%')
  and a.creationdate >= dateadd(day,-30,getdate())
group by a.owneruserid
order by  count ( desc

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