Create DYNAMIC LIST OF DATES for use with other queries


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Specify any two dates and then join to this your table in order to return records even for days where there is no data.

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--You could explicity state the start/stop dates:
--  declare @startdate date = '20180401'
--  declare @enddate date = '20180701'

--or, as an example, I want "90 days up to the most recent data in the SEDE database":

declare @enddate date = ( select max(creationdate) from comments ) --  Find the most recent post date...
declare @startdate date = dateadd(d,-90+1, @enddate)               --  ...and begin 90 days before that

create table #datelist ( [myDate] datetime )

while (@startdate <= @enddate) begin
  insert into #datelist
  select top 1 @startdate as [myDate]
  set @startdate = dateadd(d, 1, @startdate)

select * from #datelist

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