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/* DEBUG */ q.Id AS qi,
q.CreationDate AS da,
q.Tags AS tg
/*DEBUG */ /* g.TagName AS tn, */
/*'site://q/' + CAST(q.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '/' + CAST(m.Id AS NVARCHAR) + "|" + q.Title as qt*/
FROM Posts AS q
/*LEFT JOIN (PostTags AS a JOIN Tags AS g ON a.TagId = g.Id) ON q.Id = a.PostId */
/*LEFT JOIN Users AS m ON m.AccountId = 1192385 */
WHERE q.PostTypeId = 1
AND q.Id < 1000
/*AND g.TagName IN ('character-identification', 'object-identification', 'actor-identification', 'scene-identification') */
/*GROUP BY q.Id */
/*ORDER BY q.CreationDate ASC*/

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