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Find duplicate unanswered questions where OP from the stub post (source) is the same OP as from the destination post (master/target). Usually, duplicates serve a purpose of linking nearly identical posts in scope so the best/canonical answer can be found. They are useful because since people can ask related questions with different wording, there are more chances the result of a search leading to one of the dupes (and then, the canonical answer). HOWEVER, duplicate questions asked by the same OP* are likely to have the same wording and therefore, the corresponding stubs are useless to the site. Those should be purged (flag for moderator attention or cast a delete vote, after confirming it is a useless question)! *Usually this happens because OP asks, then nobody answers, then he/she asks the same Q again instead of improving the first one (there are exceptions, this is why results from the query should be reviewed carefully).

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WITH stub_list AS
        p.OwnerUserId, -- OP from source (stub)
        pl.RelatedPostId -- Post Merge Destination (master)
 FROM Posts p
 JOIN PostLinks pl ON pl.PostId = p.Id
 WHERE p.PostTypeId = 1 -- questions.
       AND EXISTS 
        SELECT *
        FROM PostHistory ph
        WHERE ph.PostId = p.Id
        AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (10, 37) -- Post Closed (duplicate), Post Merge Source (stub)
        --AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (37) -- [alternative to above] when running out votes, review only merged (by flags)       
      AND pl.LinkTypeId = 3 -- duplicate.
      AND p.AnswerCount = 0
SELECT s.Id AS [Post Link],
FROM stub_list s
JOIN Posts p ON p.Id = s.RelatedPostId
WHERE s.OwnerUserid = p.OwnerUserId -- OP from source (stub) = OP from destination (master)
      OR s.OwnerDisplayName = p.OwnerDisplayName -- attemp to get same OPs, but with different accounts (this is under testing)
ORDER BY s.Score ASC; -- low qualities first

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