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DECLARE @ table(x varchar(max),i int identity)

INSERT @ values
('A line with more than k characters.'),
('A longer line with more than k character.'),
('A short line.'),
('Rotate here: ------v--'),
('This is long enough.'),
('This is not enough.'),
('Wrapping around to the first line.')

;WITH C as
SELECT rank() over(order by i)r,count(*)over()c,*
WHERE len(x)>=@c
), D as
SELECT stuff(c.x,@c,1,substring(d.x,@c,1))m,c.i
FROM c,c d WHERE d.r%c.c+1=c.r
SELECT isnull(m,x) FROM @ z LEFT JOIN d ON z.i=d.i

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