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-- This query displays the questions where the two users meet.
-- It accepts two paramaters: 
--     @AskerID     => the one who raised the question
--     @AnswererID  => the one who answered
-- It also display whether the answer has been accepted or not.

-- All users are ALLOWED to fork this query for improvements.

DECLARE @AskerID int = ##AskerId##
DECLARE @AnswererID int = ##AnswererID##
SELECT    a.CreationDate as [DateAsked], 
          a.ID AS [Post Link],
          c.Body AS [Answer], 
          CASE WHEN a.AcceptedAnswerID = c.ID THEN 'Accepted' ELSE '' END [Status]
FROM      Posts a
          INNER JOIN Posts c
              ON a.ID = c.ParentId
WHERE     a.OwnerUserId = @AskerID AND
          c.OwnerUserId = @AnswererID AND
          a.PostTypeId = 1 AND          -- <<== Question
          c.PostTypeId = 2              -- <<== Answer
ORDER BY  a.CreationDate ASC

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