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SELECT P.Title, '' + CAST(P.Id AS nvarchar)
FROM Posts P, PostTypes Pt, PostHistory Ph, PostHistoryTypes Pht
Pt.Id = P.PostTypeId
AND (SELECT Count(P2.Id) FROM Posts P2 WHERE P.Id = P2.ParentId AND P2.PostTypeId=2) > 50
AND (SELECT Count(V.Id) FROM Votes V WHERE P.Id = V.PostId AND V.VoteTypeId = 5) > 10
AND (SELECT Count(C.Id) FROM Comments C WHERE P.Id = C.PostId) > 20
AND P.Id = Ph.PostId
AND Pht.Id = Ph.PostHistoryTypeId
AND Pt.Id = 1
AND Pht.Id = 16
AND P.AcceptedAnswerId is not null
AND P.Title is not null
AND P.LastEditDate is not null
AND P.LastActivityDate is not null

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