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-- Stack Overflow questions with outstanding close votes
-- A list of Stack Overflow questions with outstanding close votes, sorted by number of votes.
-- This variant displays only those questions with four or more closevotes
-- based on:
-- Only include questions that have no answers

select * FROM
  Posts.Id as [Post Link],
  max(Posts.AnswerCount) as [Answer Count],
  max(Posts.AcceptedAnswerId) as [Accepted Answer],
  avg(Posts.Score) as [Score],
  count(*) as [Close Votes],
  max(Votes.CreationDate) as [Last Vote],
  min(Votes.CreationDate) as [First Vote]  
from Posts
inner join Votes on Posts.Id=Votes.PostId
  Votes.VoteTypeId = 6 
  and Posts.Tags LIKE '%<mysql>%'
  and Posts.AcceptedAnswerId is NULL
group by Posts.Id
) AS Myview 
  [Close Votes] < 3
  and [Score] < 0
order by 
  [Score] asc, 
  [Answer Count] asc,
  [Close Votes] desc, 
  [Last Vote] asc,

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