SELECT top 100 pl.PostId AS [Post Link], JSON_VALUE(ph.Te...


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SELECT top 100 pl.PostId AS [Post Link], 
JSON_VALUE(ph.Text, '$.OriginalQuestionIds[0]') AS 'Original duplicate',
pl.RelatedPostId AS [Post Link]
--SELECT JSON_VALUE(ph.Text, '$.OriginalQuestionIds[0]') AS [Post Link], 
--    pl.RelatedPostId AS [Post Link]
  FROM PostHistory AS ph
  INNER JOIN PostLinks AS pl
    ON pl.PostId = ph.PostId
   AND pl.LinkTypeId = 3 -- duplicate
  INNER JOIN Posts AS p ON p.Id = pl.PostId
    ph.PostHistoryTypeId = 10 -- question closed
    AND ph.Comment = 101 -- as a duplicate
    AND p.Tags like '%python%'

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