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--SELECT TOP 100 p.Id as [Post Link], p.CreationDate as [Create Date],
--              p.ClosedDate as [Close Date]
--  from Posts p, Votes v
--  where p.PostTypeId = 1 and DATEDIFF(DAY, p.CreationDate, p.ClosedDate) < 1
--  order by p.ClosedDate - p.CreationDate asc

--select, count(v.postid) from posts p, votes v
--where = v.postid
--and v.votetypeid = 6
--group by v.postid,

SELECT TOP 10 p.Id as [Post Link],
              count(v.PostId) as [Vote Count]
              --p.CreationDate as [Create Date],
              --p.ClosedDate as [Close Date]
FROM Posts p, Votes v
WHERE p.Id = v.PostId
AND v.VoteTypeId = 6
AND p.PostTypeId = 1
AND DATEDIFF(DAY, p.CreationDate, p.ClosedDate) < 1

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