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-- Time series of the number of active experts per week
-- Where "active expert" is someone who has posted more than one upvoted answer.
-- Per Deer Hunter's definition in
-- X-axis is in years, so the point at 2015.0 is the first week of 2015.

DECLARE @tag nvarchar(25)

SET @tag = LOWER('##tagName##')

select YR_WK, count(*) as NumActiveExperts
      (datepart(yy, p.creationdate) + (datepart(wk, p.creationdate)-1) / 52.0) as YR_WK
    , as UID
    , count (*) as NumAnswers
  from users u, posts p, posts q, posttags pt, tags t
        p.owneruserid =
    and p.posttypeid = 2
    and p.score > 0
    and p.ParentId = 
    and q.posttypeid = 1
    and = pt.tagid 
    and t.tagname=@tag
  group by 
     (datepart(yy, p.creationdate) + (datepart(wk, p.creationdate)-1) / 52.0)
) AnsPerUPerWk
where NumAnswers >= ##ExpertNumAnswersPerWeekThreshold:int?2##
group by YR_WK
order by YR_WK asc

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