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These questions would be automatically deleted by the RemoveAbandonedQuestions job, if they didn't have at least two comments. Some of these comments were written by you (or by the user whose user ID you've entered below, if not your own). If the feature request at passes, these questions will be deleted. Would you like to convert any of your comments into answers before that happens?

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  Posts.Id as [Post Link],
  Posts.Score as [Score],
  Posts.ViewCount as [Views],
  Convert(Char(10), Posts.CreationDate, 127) as [Asked],
  Posts.CommentCount as [Comments],
  Count(*) as [By User],
  Sum(Comments.Score) as [Upvotes],
    select ' | ' + Cast(C.Text as VarChar(Max))
    from Comments as C
    where C.PostId = Posts.Id and C.UserId = ##UserId:int##
    for XML Path(''), Type
  ).value('(./text())[1]', 'VarChar(Max)'), 1, 3, '') as [Comment Text]
from Comments
  join Posts on Posts.Id = Comments.PostId
where Comments.UserId = ##UserId:int##
  -- select the post if it is a question:
  and Posts.PostTypeId = 1
  -- ...that was posted at least MinAge days ago:
  and Posts.CreationDate <= DateAdd(Day, -##MinAge:int?365##, GetUTCDate())
  -- ...and has a score of 0, or 1 if the owner's account is deleted:
  and Posts.Score between 0 and 1
  and (Posts.Score = 0 or Posts.OwnerUserId is null)
  -- ...and has no answers:
  and Posts.AnswerCount = 0
  -- ...and is not locked:
  and Coalesce((
    select top 1 PostHistoryTypeId from PostHistory
    where PostHistory.PostId = Posts.Id
      and PostHistoryTypeId in (14, 15)  -- lock, unlock
    order by PostHistory.Id desc
  ), 0) <> 14
  -- and has been viewed no more than 1.5 times a day on average:
  and (##IgnoreViews:int?0## > 0 or Posts.ViewCount <= 1.5 * DateDiff(Day, Posts.CreationDate, GetUTCDate()))
  -- and has more than one comment (else it would already be eligible for deletion):
  and Posts.CommentCount > 1
group by Posts.Id, Posts.Score, Posts.CommentCount, Posts.ViewCount, Posts.CreationDate
order by Posts.Id

-- UserId: User ID "Enter your (or someone else's) numerical user ID on the site here. You can find this in your user profile page URL."
-- MinAge: Minimum Q age (days) "Only list questions at least this many days old. The roomba only deletes questions older than 365 days."
-- IgnoreViews: Ignore view count (0/1) "If set to 1, list questions even if they're currently ineligible for deletion due to getting more than 1.5 views per day."

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