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declare @start datetime = '2017-10-08';

with terms as(
select iif(ClosedDate <= CreationDate+3 /*and IsClosedAsDuplicate = 0*/, 1.0, 0) closed,
       iif(DeletionDate <= CreationDate+3, 1.0, 0) deleted,
       Id PostId
  from PostsWithDeleted
  where PostTypeId = 1

select dateadd(week, datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), @start) week,
       sum(closed)/count(*) bad,
       sum(iif(Score < 0, 1.0, 0))/count(*) downvoted,
       sum(closed)/count(*) closed,
       sum(deleted)/count(*) deleted
from terms 
     join PostsWithDeleted on Id = PostId
where PostTypeId = 1
group by dateadd(week, datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), @start)
order by dateadd(week, datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), @start)

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