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Statistical Analysis

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with a as (
     count(r.Id) as number
   from ReviewTaskResults r join ReviewTasks t
   on t.Id = r.ReviewTaskId
   where t.ReviewTaskTypeId in (2)
   group by t.id
), b as (
   select a.*,
          DATEPART(YYYY, CreationDate) +
          0.0*FLOOR((DATEPART(MM,   CreationDate)-1.00)/3)/4  
              as Quarter
   from a join ReviewTasks t2 on a.id = t2.id

select number, CAST(Quarter as char), (count(id)) from b
where Quarter < DATEPART(YYYY, GETDATE()) +
                0.0*FLOOR((DATEPART(MM,   GETDATE())-1.00)/3)/4  
group by number, Quarter
order by number, Quarter Desc

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