select postId, p1.questionTime, p1.ansTime, (CASE WHEN Vo...


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select postId, p1.questionTime, p1.ansTime,
    WHEN VoteTypeId = 2 THEN 10 
    WHEN VoteTypeId = 3 THEN  -2
    ELSE 0
    END) as ReputationWon
  from votes 
  (select p.Id , questionTime, p.CreationDate as ansTime
  from posts as p
    (select Id , CreationDate as questionTime from posts
    where CreationDate BETWEEN '2015-08-01' AND '2015-08-31'
    and AnswerCount=2
    and PostTypeId = 1) --question
  as d on d.Id = p.ParentID
  where p.CreationDate BETWEEN '2015-08-01' AND '2015-08-31') 
as p1 on p1.Id = votes.PostId --p1 has requd posts 
where VoteTypeId between 2 and 3
order by postId

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