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Unfinished query, meant to be extended to talk about top users (currently only taking top rep users)

Ukrainian Language Meta

Q&A about the site for linguists, teachers and students of the Ukrainian language

select Z.[Month] [Month],Z.ouid  UserName, count(Z.ouid)
select CAST(
      cast(DATEPART(YYYY, Y.CreationDate) as varchar) + '-' + cast(DATEPART(MM, Y.CreationDate) as varchar) + '-01'
      as datetime) [Month], ouid
  from (
   select p1.creationdate  CreationDate ,p1.owneruserid  ouid from posts p1
      inner join posts p2  on 
      where p1.posttypeid=2 and (p2.tags like '%##TagName?quantum-mechanics##%')  group by p1.owneruserid, p1.creationdate
  ) Y group by ouid, CreationDate
) Z group by Z.ouid,Z.[Month] order by [Month] asc , Z.ouid asc

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