How many of my edits have been rolled back?


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Lists all of your posts where someone else performed a rollback after your edit. There could be some false positives here, where someone edited after you and the rollback just reverted their changes (and not yours).

Unix and Linux

Q&A for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Un*x-like operating systems

  edits.PostId AS [Post Link], 
  edits.Comment AS [Edit Comment], 
  rollbacks.Comment AS [Rollback Comment]
FROM PostHistory edits
  INNER JOIN PostHistory rollbacks
    ON edits.PostId = rollbacks.PostId--rollback and edit occurred on same post
    AND rollbacks.CreationDate > edits.CreationDate --rollback occurred after your edit
  edits.PostHistoryTypeId IN (4,5,6)--title, tag, or body edits
  AND rollbacks.PostHistoryTypeId IN (7,8,9)--title, tag, or body rollbacks
  AND edits.UserId = ##UserId##--You did the edit
  AND rollbacks.UserId <> ##UserId##--You didn't do the rollback

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