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Lists all users with at least 10 answers, ordered by average score

User Experience

Q&A for user experience researchers and experts

-- Users with many upvoted posts, but low average score
-- Maybe a different cutoff value for the number of posts or a
-- changed ordering would be preferable.

with upvoted as (
    posts.Id as PostId
    posts inner join
    votes on posts.Id = votes.PostId
  where votes.VoteTypeId = 2 -- upvotes
    and posts.PostTypeId = 2 -- answers
  group by posts.Id

percentages as (
    users.Id as UserId,
    count(posts.Id) as Posts,
    count(upvoted.PostId) as UpvotedPosts,
    count(upvoted.PostId) * 100.0 / count(posts.Id) as UpvotedPc,
    sum(posts.score) * 1.0 / count(posts.Id) as AvgScore
    users   left outer join
    posts   on users.Id = posts.OwnerUserId
            left outer join
    upvoted on posts.Id = upvoted.PostId
    posts.PostTypeId = 2
  group by users.Id

select top 1000
  UserId as [User Link],
  UpvotedPosts as [Upvoted Posts],
  round(UpvotedPc, 1) as [Upvoted %],
  round(AvgScore, 1) as [Average Score]
from percentages
where Posts >= 10
order by UpvotedPc - abs(AvgScore)*AvgScore desc;

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