with c as ( SELECT P2.Id AS [Post Link], P1.Score as Answ...


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Vegetarianism Meta

Q&A for those committed to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and anyone interested in learning more

with c as (
        P2.Id AS [Post Link], 
        P1.Score as AnswerScore,
        P2.Score as QuestionScore,

        P1.OwnerUserID AS [User Link]
FROM Posts as P1, Posts as P2
WHERE P2.Id = P1.ParentId and --Join of Questions with Answers--
      P2.PostTypeId = 1 and -- P2 Contains Questions --
      P1.PostTypeId = 2  -- P1 contains Answers --
      AND P2.OwnerUserID = P1.OwnerUserID
    --  AND   CAST (P2.id AS INT) +1 !=  CAST (P1.id AS INT)


      SELECT *
      FROM C
 --     GROUP BY OverallAnswerAverage,OverallQuestionAverage,OverallViewAverage,OverallFavoriteCountAverage

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