OPs of After-Closure Answers


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Web Applications

Q&A for power users of web applications

SELECT                                                            -- Select all answers posted after parent
  COUNT(*) AS [Total],                                            -- question closure, but before 4 hour mark
  CONCAT('site://u/', u.Id, '|', u.DisplayName) AS [Answer OP],   -- (since that's the cutoff, also excudes merged posts)
  u.Reputation AS [User Rep.],                                    -- Then group by user to get sums
  u.CreationDate AS [User Joined],
  u.Id AS [OP ID]
FROM Posts a
JOIN Posts q ON q.Id = a.ParentId
JOIN Users u ON u.Id = a.OwnerUserId
WHERE a.CreationDate > q.ClosedDate AND DATEDIFF(hour, q.ClosedDate, a.CreationDate) < 4
GROUP BY u.Id, u.DisplayName, u.Reputation, u.CreationDate
ORDER BY COUNT(*) DESC, u.DisplayName

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