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Select AS QuestionUserId, u1.Reputation As QuestionUserReputation, u1.DisplayName As QuestionUserDN , p1.tags AS Tags, AS QuestionId, p1.Score AS QuestionScore, p1.title ,p1.body AS QuestionBody, p1.CreationDate AS QuestionDate, p1.AcceptedAnswerId AS AcceptedAnswer, AS AnswerUserId, u2.Reputation As AnswerUserReputation, u2.DisplayName As AnswerUserDN, p2.Score AS AnswerScore, AS AnswerId, p2.body AS AnswerBody, p2.CreationDate AS AnswerDate
from Posts as p1
inner join Posts as p2
on = p2.parentid

inner join users as u1
on p1.OwnerUserId =

inner join users as u2
on p2.OwnerUserId =

where p1.Tags Like '%machine-learning%' 
and p1.PostTypeId = 1
and p1.creationdate >= '2015-01-01'
and p1.AnswerCount >= 1

order by

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