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SELECT Comments.Id as comment_id, Comments.PostId as answer_id, 
    Answers.ParentId as question_id, Comments.Text as comment_text, 
    Comments.Score as comment_score, Comments.CreationDate as comment_created_at, 
    Answers.Score as answer_score, Answers.CreationDate as answer_created_at, 
    Questions.Score as question_score, Questions.ViewCount as question_views, 
    Questions.CreationDate as question_created_at
FROM Comments INNER JOIN Posts Answers 
ON Answers.PostTypeId = 2
AND Comments.PostId = Answers.Id
INNER JOIN Posts Questions
ON Answers.ParentId = Questions.Id
WHERE Comments.PostId IN (
  SELECT PostId FROM Comments
  HAVING COUNT(*) >= 10)
ANd Questions.ViewCount >= 1000
AND YEAR(Answers.CreationDate) = 2022
ORDER BY Comments.PostId, Comments.CreationDate;

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