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Q&A for professional and amateur woodworkers

SELECT top 200 as [Post Link],
  question.ownerUserID as [User Link],
  answer.ownerUserID as [User Link],
  cast(round(datediff(second, question.CreationDate, answer.CreationDate) / 60.0, 2) as numeric (36,2)) as Delay,
  len(answer.body) - (patindex('%</code></pre>%', answer.body) - patindex('%<pre><code>%', answer.body)) as [Length w/o code]
FROM posts as question
  INNER JOIN posts as answer
    ON question.acceptedAnswerID =
    AND question.ownerUserID != answer.ownerUserID
  INNER JOIN PostTags pt on pt.PostId = question.Id
  INNER JOIN Tags t on t.Id=pt.TagId
  datediff(second, question.CreationDate, answer.CreationDate) BETWEEN 0 and 600
  AND TagName in ('r')
ORDER BY question.CreationDate DESC

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