Unresolved questions with answers by user


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Q&A for the craft of professional writing, including fiction, non-fiction, technical, scholarly, and commercial writing

-- Unresolved questions with answers by user

    count(P.Id) as "Questions",
    count(P2.Id) as "Unresolved",
    format(100.0 * count(P2.Id) / count(P.Id), 'N') as "Percent",
    min(U.DisplayName) as "Who",
    min(U.Reputation) as "Rep",
    year(min(U.CreationDate)) as "Joined",
    year(min(U.LastAccessDate)) as "Last Seen"
from Posts P
    left join Users U on P.OwnerUserId = U.Id
    left join Posts P2 on P.Id = P2.Id and P2.AcceptedAnswerId is null
    where P.AnswerCount > 0 
    group by U.Id
    order by "Unresolved" desc, "Percent" desc

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